$50M Cross-Chain Interoperability: Driving Web3 Innovation

21. Mai 2023 Aus Von admin

• Borderless Capital, Polygon Ventures, and other leading crypto teams and venture funds have come together to create a $50 million cross-chain ecosystem fund.
• The fund is managed by Borderless Capital and aimed at supporting startups leveraging the Wormhole cross-chain messaging protocol.
• The initiative seeks to drive cross-chain innovations and propel the growth of the web3 industry.

Cross-Chain Interoperability Initiative Launched

Borderless Capital, Polygon Ventures, Algorand Foundation, Arrington Capital, and other influential blockchain teams and venture funds have joined forces to launch a $50 million cross-chain ecosystem fund. The fund is managed by Borderless Capital with the goal of supporting startups leveraging on Wormhole’s cross-chain messaging protocol for seamless collaboration and interoperability between different blockchain networks.

Managed By Borderless Capital

Borderless Capital is an investment management firm specializing in web3 technology that has made investments in over 200 protocols and companies within the web3 ecosystem since 2018. This initiative signals their commitment to advancing cross-chain capabilities within the crypto industry as well as overcoming challenges posed by the expanding web3 landscape for developers and users alike.

Purpose Of The Fund

The purpose of this collaborative effort is to unlock the full potential of cross-chain functionality for seamless collaboration between diverse blockchains networks as well as driving innovation in the web3 industry. It also aims to nurture startups leveraging on Wormhole’s cross-chain messaging protocol so that they can develop solutions that will help bridge these disparate ecosystems together.

Promoting Cross-Chain Collaboration

This initiative seeks to promote collaboration between different blockchains in order to overcome various technical hurdles posed by this ever evolving landscape such as scalability issues or compatibility problems across platforms. It hopes to foster development within this space so that developers are able to create applications that can be used across multiple chains with ease.


This $50 million cross-chain ecosystem fund provides a great opportunity for innovators in this space who are looking for ways to leverage on existing technologies such as Wormhole’s protocol while unlocking greater potential through collaborations with various stakeholders in this evolving field.