A technical and fundamental analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies will be carried out in a digital meeting

This Friday, August 28, at 6:00 pm (-4 GMT), a meeting will be held entitled „Crypto GPS: Where is the price of Bitcoin going this 2020“, where a technical and fundamental analysis will be discussed about the direction that the price of Bitcoin and other important cryptom currencies in the market could take during the rest of the year.

The meeting is part of the „Cryptographic Fridays“, a space presented by the engineer and trader Anibal Aníbal Garrido and the lawyer Ezio Rojas in a virtual way. For this particular meeting, Mireya Acosta, trader and member of the Binance Angels team in Latin America, will be the guest speaker.

The data indicates that Bitcoin will receive the same boost that helped it reach USD 12,500

Both downward and upward perspectives will be evaluated and analyzed at the meeting, thus seeking to anticipate possible scenarios that may occur in the cryptomarket in this 2020. Likewise, the elements external to the market that could have an important effect on the price of the most relevant and important cryptomonies will also be evaluated.

Bullish perspectives for the market
As we reported earlier in Cointelegraph, some traders believe that the price of Bitcoin is showing strong upward signals that could serve to give a strong boost to allow the price of the main kryptonie to reach $13,000.

And the bullish mood hasn’t been a strange idea in the market. This week Tyler Winklevoss mentioned that the price of Bitcoin could reach $500,000 in the long term, if it manages to outperform gold as the main refuge asset in the market.